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We created Kaarme for three reasons:

1 Protect students and parents privacy when they browse for college information and scholarships. 90% of all college sites ask you for personal information and immediately sell it to any third party that wants it.

2 Help students and parents browse scholarships safely. Most scholarships are scams and we have researched them all and list only the credible ones.

3 Help colleges find students and match their interests with a more advanced search and database model. Students can now be found by colleges.

If you or your organization are interested in continuing this mission using the Kaarme code and website, you can contact us at or 646-379-1053

Happy hunting!

Aroundmyzip enables student athletes to create websites to share with coaches and colleges. We are now in our seventh year of helping high school students, parents, and counselors.

If you would like to create your own free websites to show your sports or music achievements to coaches and colleges, Kaarme recommends AMZ has a simple website builder that allows you to market yourself. Here is an example website made on Aroundmyzip that secured a full scholarship.

BEWARE of athlete recruiting websites that promise you access to coaches and scholarships. Many are a sham designed to collect and sell your data to big companies. Most college coaches don't use these recruiting sites.

-Sign up and pay money to recruiting sites that make promises to you.
-Send coaches and colleges a statistics page from one of these recruiting websites.

-Go to the College websites you are interested in and they will surely have listings for the coaches and athletic director's office.
-Send them a personal website you made yourself on Aroundmyzip and put a little work into it! Make it personal.

Kaarme recommends Aroundmyzip because they protect your data and give you your own website to send to coaches. They have the same privacy values as Kaarme.

If you are a guidance counselor, kindly forward this article to your coaches and athletes, they are not part of our normal reader base. Thank you.


“Amidst the oceans of enforced mediocrity in the bland, deflavorized culture of managed-by-committee corporate behemoths,” the entrepreneur Perry Metzger posted on his Google+ page, Mr. Jobs “showed that the real path to excellence was excellence — that you could do great things by, who would have imagined, being smart and having excellent taste and not ever settling for second best.”

"The right future path for you lies with your heart and your head having honest dialogue and making decisions together" — Mark North

We don't see Thoreau as the innovating father of civil disobedience in political thought. Kids have been doing the same thing to modify parent behavior for millions of years...

Try our new Mobile App Scholarship Finder designed specifically for students on the go. Works on most handheld devices. No logins needed.

Access it here: Find Scholarships on the go...

Kaarme now offers discount textbooks to College Students.

Get them here: Discount Textbooks

"Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" — Isaac Asimov

Did You Know...

With Kaarme, you don't need to log in to a site to browse and find scholarships. You can do it here without a login. Sites that require logins take and sell your personal data on the internet. All Kaarme asks in return for protecting your privacy is that you let others know they can browse scholarships safely here.

Kaarme is the ONLY college and scholarship search site that doesn't sell your personal information on the internet, Thousands of Students, Parents, and Athletes use Kaarme every day for three reasons:

New Kaarme Features!

Students, Parents, and Athletes: You can find these new features on the left menu -

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