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Welcome to the Kaarme College & University Sports Data Center

No site on the internet has more information on college sports programs for you to make decisions about which programs to consider. Don't sign up and pay money to recruiting sites that make promises to you. Get all the info you need right here on these pages without giving up any personal information and find out which college coaches are telling the truth about their commitment to your sport.

BEWARE of athlete recruiting websites that promise you access to coaches and scholarships. Many are a sham designed to collect and sell your data and most college coaches don't use them.

If you would like to create your own free websites to show your sports achievements to the world, Kaarme recommends Aroundmyzip.com. AMZ has a simple website builder that allows you to market yourself and they DON'T collect info from you in order to sell it to big companies. Here is an example website made on Aroundmyzip.

This free information is provided for use by Athletes, Coaches, and Parents of Athletes looking for Sports Programs and Athletic Scholarships. Student athletes can find the right college athletic programs, find scholarships, and college rank information. Email This Page

These links to college sports programs and athlete statistics help you find where your best chances for playing sports and securing athletic scholarships might be. How can I get started?

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**Kaarme has college and university sports data for students, parents, and coaches looking to find college athletic programs, scholarships, and college rankings. All of Kaarme's 2010 college search, scholarship search, and college sports program data is provided free of cost and without obligation. You may copy it, link to, embed in documents, share, or use anywhere as long as you reference Kaarme as the source.

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Kaarme College Sports Data Center - Over 2,000 College Sports Programs Ranked by Scholarships and Program Funding

*Data provided by the US Department of Education.


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